Never Forget I Love You

July 1, 2011


Yesterday you left school, probably forever. Even though we are no longer together I knew I could at least see you every once in awhile when I walked down the hall. Now you are gone. I miss you. I miss sitting beside you on the cushy couch. I miss smelling your cologne. I miss the way you would look at me when you wanted to kiss me. I miss everything about you in every kind of way. You are in a lot of trouble people say. But everything I hear is from others because you haven’t talked to me since the night we broke up. You promised to never hurt me. Do you think that I’m mad at you? I’m not. I want you back so much it hurts. I love you very much!! Never forget that. I miss you and I’m behind you every step of the way no matter how much trouble you are in; I’m here for always.

Your girl,


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