I miss you

July 3, 2011

Dear Craig,

Hi, How have you been? I knew that u must be busy preparing your journey to a new university. I still remember that day, the day that i came to u, and i showed u signs that i am interested in u. lol did i surprise u? i hope i didnt scare u =P

i dont know much about u. but everytime i see u , i feel more energetic, and more happy. by those feelings, i carelessly concluded that, i like u!!

today, i still dont know if i truly like u or not? i dont know. i just hope that, one day i’ll find out. and i hope u’ll remember me, a girl who has a little crush on you.

the only regeret i have, is that i dont have a lot of chances to know u more. i really hope that we have more time to spend with each other. even though u may not like me to be yer gf, i could be your best friend =D

remember, dont be afraid of me. i am no threaten to u. i just wanna support u, share all my crazy little ideas with u, and enjoy some moments with you.

Lastly, could u promise me one thing? next time when u see me, please please PLEASE!!! Do not look so serious! I am not your parents, nor your teachers, I am the little girl that has a little crush on you! Would you smile because of me? Please!!! *grin*

I hope you will find someone u truly like!!


P.S. Remember Me!! *jumping with my hand raised*

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