I Am Nothing Without You

June 23, 2011

Dear Kasey,

Kasey, you are my everything. When I met you at your uncle’s birthday party that night, I had no idea that you liked me as much as I liked you. Right when I laid eyes on you, I knew that I just made eye contact with one of God’s angels.

When you called me that night to go to your house to watch a movie, I was frozen to the spot. Just to hear your voice made my heart melt. Your voice is the sweetest sound ever to touch my ears. No other sound in this world will ever be so sweet. Your smile is the most beautiful thing to ever witness. Even more beautiful than a rose blooming or the sun set in the mountains. When I hug you, I feel that you care by the way your heart beats against mine.

When I am with you, the world and its troubles are nothing to me but a blur. When I have a bad day I know you are there for me. Just the same for you if you are having a bad day; I’ll do anything to make you smile, to kiss your soft, sweet lips – to look into those beautiful eyes that sparkle with happiness. In those eyes I see a fire of passion and safeness. I was about to give up all hope on love until I laid eyes on you.

I always thought love was just a word some say to persuade people into dating. Boy, was I wrong, ’cause without you I would not be here. I now realize that you are my reason for waking up in the morning. God put me on this earth to be with you. And I thank Him and pray to Him every night for sending you to me. Everything I have done right and wrong in life I would do it all over again as long as my life and love ended back into your arms and the glorious presence of your smile. Without you I think that I would be lying in a pile of my own dirt and troubles. You are a falling angel from the heavens – I am so glad I caught you with my arms and love. The love I have for you sends the angels to their knees.

There is no mountain that can reach higher than my love for you. No river is deeper then the deepest of my love. It stretches for more miles than any ocean can stretch. It is the kind only people dream about. All the money in the world or all the joy in the world would never be more important to me than you. You are my life, my soul, my love, my everything.

When I hear your voice my heart stops. And ever since we met, my heart has been beating far more rapidly. Just to have you as mine and be with you is more then I could ask for. My whole life I thought my perfect love was only my dream, but now that I have found you I can end my search.

I hope that we are together forever ’cause without you, I will be nothing but a complete wreak. Before you, I thought of myself as a tiny, no good person. It is imperative that I have your love – to keep myself. You hold the key to my heart that keeps me in contact with life. Without you I am nothing.

No other woman or anyone will mean as much as you do. So, in closing, I leave you with this; I love you more than life itself and more than I love myself – you are my everything.

Love always,


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