Scholarship inquiry letter

June 17, 2011

Ms. Gowri Jayakar



August 1, 2010

Mr. Natesh Chidamber


Biology Scholarship Fund

Surya Lok Colony


Dear Mr. Chidamber,

I am a graduating Biology student and I would like to inquire about the requirements for your scholarship program for graduate students.  I will be graduating this academic year and I hope to pursue graduate studies immediately after graduation.  I want to be a professor as my career and I believe that I would be able to do better as a professor if I already have at least a Master’s degree.  I am a working student at the moment and I do not have the financial ability to take up higher studies.  Your scholarship fund is the only chance I have to be able to do so even as I continue to work part-time to be able to support my family, too.  I believe that I have the academic credentials that would qualify me for your scholarship program.

Thank you and I hope for your consideration.

Ms. Gowri Jayakar


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