How to write Inquiry Letter

June 18, 2011

Today, inquiry letter plays very crucial role for those who are in the confusion and need answers to their various queries. In such circumstances they can take help of inquiry letter to find the answers. You can write inquiry letter in a simple letter format as given below.

Name of Sender,

Address of Sender,


Name of Recipient,

Address of Recipient,

Dear Sir/ Madam,


First Paragraph- introduce your inquiry

Second Paragraph- here you need to give detail of inquiry

Third Paragraph if required- ask for the prompt response

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Name of sender

You can follow this format to ask your various queries. Basically, you should be very specific with your inquiry so that you can get specific answers to your queries. You should provide right contact details so that you can get prompt reply to your queries. Normally, inquiry letters are written by job seekers, students, customers, people who need different information.


Download How to write Inquiry Letter In Word Format

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