Official holiday letter

June 17, 2011

Mr. Talish Banerjee


ABC Mall

Ballygunge Place, Kolkata 700093

January 16, 2011

To All Employees,

I hereby inform everyone that there will be an official company holiday on February 25 to celebrate the company’s 75th foundation anniversary.  All employees should attend the celebration dinner on February 24 after which everyone is entitled to a holiday the next day.  The company Board of Directors has decided that this is a fitting way of saying our thanks to the employees who are the pillars of the company.  Without the hard-working and dedicated employees, the company will not have gained such success and lasted 75 years still strong and on top of the pack in our field of business.  Please circulate an official announcement about the holiday to all department heads as soon as you receive this letter so that they will not have any problems with their work and schedules.

Thank you.

Mr. Talish Banerjee


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