Holiday Request Letter

June 17, 2011


Louis Taylor,

24 B, Browning Street,



Richmond Smith,

123, Regal Road,


29th September, ’08.

Dear Mr. Smith,

This is with reference to the (annual holiday) that I am entitled to.  I wish to submit my proposed dates for the holiday for your approval.
I wish to take the holiday from (6th October, ’08 to 17th October, ’08).  I would be available to resume my duties from (19th October, ’08) onwards.
I would like to mention that the (project we are working on, is near completion).  I shall be able to (finish my part in the project-work) before the proposed date of my holiday.

I look forward to your approval.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,
(Louis Taylor)


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