Holiday letter template

June 17, 2011

Name of friend/employee/business associate

Address of friend/employee/business associate

Date of Letter


(Dear name of friend/employee/business associate)

Body of Letter

First Part

This is where you begin casually with a warm greeting and mentioning the holiday or festivity for which you are writing this letter.

Second Part

This depends on the addressee of the letter. If it is a friend or relative, you can include some personal details about you and your family but if it is an employee or business associate, you can thank the person, if appropriate, for his association with the company. You also include any details of corporate achievements, if any that you want to share with the person. You could also include details of any party that you are organizing and request a confirmation of attendance or RSVP for the party.

Third part

This is where you can end the letter by conveying your wishes for the holidays.


Warm regards

Your signature

Your name


Download Holiday letter template In Word Format

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