General Reminder Letter

June 16, 2011

Aug 5th 2010

Henna Jackson

118, 1st Lane,

New Heights apartment

Hopkinton Avenue, OH

Dear Henna Jackson,

We, Lion Credit cards, would like to draw your kind attention and inform you that you have not cleared last month’s credit card bill for the period 6-1-2010 to 7-1-2010, total bill amounts to $1275 only. Please find enclosed the details of purchase for the given period.
This Bill must have mistakenly overlooked by you, we request you to please give it your promptest attention, and settle the payment amount $ 1275 ASAP. Please be informed that you will have to pay extra charges if you will make payment after 7-20-2010.
In case you have already made the payment, Request you to please disregard this reminder letter.
If you have queries or suggestions about your bill or account, please feel free to contact Lion Credit cards.

Yours Sincerely

Timothy Anderson
Customer care manager
Lion Credit cards, WA


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