General Farewell Letter

June 16, 2011

George Davidson,

879, Amity Ville,

New York-11701

June 09, 2011

Mark Lee,

896, Amity Ville,

New York, 11701

Dear Mark,

Hi Mark, how are you? I hope you are very well and also your family. It has been very long time since we met. Since I joined my new job I do not get much time dear to hang out with friends. So it becomes very hard to see my friends.
I am going to leave this city for three months tomorrow. I have to go out of station for the training on behalf of my company. So I am not going to meet you all friends for coming three months. I know it is very sad news of you all. So I would like to bid my farewell to you all.
I hope that you and other friends will keep in touch with me through sms and chatting. I will see you when I will come back from training.

Till then bye-bye my dear friends!

Yours faithfully,

George Davidson


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