Fundraising Letter Format

June 15, 2011

Name of the concerned person,


Name of the Company of Concerned person,

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs (name of the letter receiver),

The first section should include the appropriate information regarding the concern of writing. Mention the name of the N.G.O or helping society for which fundraising letter is to be written and also mention the company name, to which request is to be made to contribute the amount. Give reference, if any, to attract the attention of the receiver. This part of fundraising letter is very important, so it should be written to the point with zero error.
Tell about your helping society’s working criteria, like, if there are any exhibitions or cultural activities to be held for fundraising.  Mention the minimum amount required for fundraising.
Ask for the positive response regarding your fund raising request. Provide the contact details in terms of address, phone number and mailer id for the convenience of receiver.

Close the letter with thanks and regards.

Your Name


Download Fundraising Letter Format In Word Format


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