Eagle Scout Fundraising Letter

June 15, 2011

August 4, 2010

Dear Friends,

I am an Eagle Scout eager to do social service for our locality.  As we all are aware, our municipality is in dire need of a playground for our children.  There is a park (or remains of a park) in the X Street, but it has outgrown into a forest and is hardly safe for our little ones to play.  My plan is to renovate the park with the help of my associate scouts.
A breathe of fresh air will work wonders in bringing out a new interest in our routine work and a park will benefit the young and old alike.  I have planned all the details and am eagerly looking forward to completing this project.  I am lacking in funds and only your generous donations will help me in achieving my goal.  I assure you that your donations will be put to good use and you can see it for yourself in a few months when you visit the park each day with your kids.
Thanking you for your consideration and time.

Yours sincerely,

Deepak Srivastav
Phone:  26554587


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