Fax Condolence Letter

June 13, 2011

Mr. Adesh Khanna

1st Cross Annayapa Block


Mr. Bandhu Kapoor

Bandra West


Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Mr. Kapoor,

I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to you for the untimely death of your wife last week due to a car accident.  It is truly sad to lose someone you love and I hope the support and kind words of your friends and colleagues can help you get through the sudden loss.  I will miss Indira very much too as we have spent a great many happy moments with her.  I will remember her always as a very humble, caring, and thoughtful friend.  I will forever treasure the moments I have shared with her – the valuable lessons she has taught me about life and the advices she has given me during my troubled times.  I know that she is happy now with the Lord.  She has not left us but will remain with us in our thoughts and in our minds.  Again, my condolence.


Adesh Khanna


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