Employment Letter of Enquiry

5th August 2010,

John McDouglas

Protext Company Inc.,

45, Adolf Street,


Dear John,

I am James writing from, ‘The prophet’, a daily news paper in South Carolina. I have been associated with journalism since 1999. Recently I have come across your name while browsing the internet. I was very much impressed by your profile. I regret that I have not known you earlier. I am looking forward to meet you and work with you. Please do consider me, for the vacancy of sub editor available with your firm.
Coming to my profile, I have done M.A. Journalism from University of South Carolina. I have worked as an article writer initially. Later I was promoted to the position of proof reader. Presently I am sub editor to the economic column. I would be very pleased to work for an experienced and reputed journalist firm like yours. You can always reach me at my contact number- 00-87-675-789

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,
James Sttephen.


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