Employment Joining Letter

Neo Williams,

Road no 165, Kenton Road,

Kenton, London,


Dear Neo,

It is my pleasure to announce that, you have been recruited in our Bradman’s Textiles Company as a Sales Manager. Firstly we would like to congratulate you on securing this job. 6th November 2010, would be your joining date, if you are willing to step in to our company.
Our whole team will be welcoming you, to work as a sales manager. We believe that you would perfectly suit this job profile with 8 and half years of experience. All your previous years of experience would count here as it will certainly help our company’s targets and in coming up with new strategies.
Finally I just want to conclude by fixing your pay scale. We would like to pay you $80,000 per annum which would be quite reasonable. For any other query you can reach me at the office contact number.


Robert Dawny,
Executive Director,
Bradman’s Textile Company.


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