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June 10, 2011

To: [email protected]



Subject: Regarding the consignment sent on February 15

Dear Mr. Trevor,

I am writing to you about the consignment of clothes you sent on the February 15 this year. I regret to inform to you that this is the third time such poor quality has been received from your factory.
I have had a string of complaints from my customers and a few of them are regulars at my store. Their dissatisfaction may mean loss of lots of business to me. They have complained about the quality of the goods you supply and claim that it is a waste of money to shop for them. Poor quality of the cloth, faded colors and common designs are the main complaints. I advise you to look into the matter at the earliest and have one of your representatives contact me immediately.

I hope to see a quick response in the matter.


Ray Smith,
Wishes Store


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