Silent Auction Donation Letter Sample

03 October 2001


Mr. Ronald Adams,


AND Services,


Dear Mr. Adams,

Hi. I am Ruth Wilson and I am the care taker of ShineWell Gallery. This letter is an invitation to the auction of paintings in the gallery on the 16th of this month.

Every year we auction paintings through a silent auction and the amount thus collected is utilized to help poor kids complete their education. The entire amount is transferred to Prime Trust which is a non profit organization that funds poor student’s education. The paintings are all done by upcoming artists who have themselves given them for the donation. In this regard we request you to take part in the auction and help us in this noble cause. Please be aware that this is a silent auction and anonymity is maintained. Entrance is strictly by invitation.

Thanks and regards,

Ruth Wilson,
Care taker,
ShineWell Gallery
P: 0187-125466688


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