Donation Letter Format

Sender’s Name,



E.g. Paul Wills,


Symbiosis Welfare Trust


20 July 2001 (or) July 20 2001

Receiver’s Name (with salutation Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr)



E.g. Mr. Jake Crown,

2-1-4A, Simon Street,

West Virginia

Dear (Salutation and Last Name)

Dear Mr. Crown,

The first paragraph should have a brief introduction of the sender of the letter. Be concise and to the point. If you represent a trust or an organization, briefly introduce it as well.
The second paragraph should be the actual reason of writing the letter. Mention the previous activities of the trust and how the money taken in donation will be utilized and for what cause the donation is being collected. Be clear and add the specifications if necessary. Never demand an amount. Always leave it to the discretion of the giver. Always thank in advance. Offer assurance against any misuse.

Finally end the letter with thanks.


Sender’s Name


Download Donation Letter Format In Word Format


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