MBA Admission Cover Letter

February 10, 2006

Office of Admissions

School of Mapping and Cartography

Blueline University

Where, Town, MA 64334

To Admissions Committee

I want to submit this application for admission to the School of Mapping and Cartography for the MMC program starting this fall, 2006. I had the pleasure of interviewing with your alumnus on November 2, 2005, and was impressed by the presentation made by Mr. Michael Watford on the above program.

The multi-diversified environment together with sound educational policies informed my decision to join you.

The resume enclosed herein shows my major accomplishments, including:

5 years of experience as Cartographic expert with Clear Maps International
2004 Cartographer of the year award presented by Department of Cartography and Mapping
Strong analytical skills

I’ll be visiting Blueline soon to get first hand information about the university and its surroundings. I can be reached at the number above should any additional information be needed.

Cup Shaker


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