Company Ad Response Cover Letter

Mr. Henry Newman,

Newman solutions,

Walder Street,

Las Vegas.

Respected Mr. Newman ,

I am writing this letter in reference to your advertisement in the Daily Times on 21st that was two days ago. I would like to inform you that I fulfill your academic requirements and I would be very happy and obliged if you select me to work with your company. I also have passed three Microsoft certified examinations among which .NET is also one and which has been mentioned as the main requirement for the job.
I am very happy to find a vacancy in your company which suits me the best reducing your strain to train me. If selected, I would render you with my best services and would accomplish the task assigned to me in time. I would love to work as a developer which is a challenging task rather then a tester hope you accept my request.

Mr. Carla Bruney,
Las Vegas.


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