New House Congratulations Letter

Ms. Grishma Kishore

Bagh Muzzafar Khan


November 16, 2010

Mr. Natwar Madduri

Devsandra Kr Puram


Dear Mr. Madduri,

I received your letter inviting me to a thanksgiving dinner at your new house and I want to congratulate you ahead on having built your own house.  It is such a blessing to have a family, with your new baby and now you have your own house where your family can grow and live together.  In these hard times filled with financial crisis, it is wonderful news to hear that you have managed to put up your new house.  I know that you have been working long hours and extra jobs just to be able to save up enough for a new house and this is a great reward for all your effort.

I will be visiting you soon at the thanksgiving dinner and I am so excited to finally see your new house.


Ms. Grishma Kishore


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