How to Write a Christmas Letter

There are no specific rules for writing Christmas letters to celebrate the lively and emotional season. This guideline will show you how to write a Christmas letter that people will actually find relevant and enjoyable to read.  I have grouped the points in five categories:

1. Be yourself – use a writing style that can be associated with you.  Let the writing be a apart of you and not some strange creations.

2. Avoid extreme modifiers – When referring to recipients of the letter, avoid using references that are outrageous. Be lively and charismatic.

3. Keep in mind your audience – Make the letter you write identify with the lifestyle and locality of the letter’s recipients and not those of your own.

4. Do not brag or exaggerate – State ideas simply and in your own language, presenting things the way they are.

5. Write your letters and sign them by hand – This will give them a sense of personality.  Where possible, add a quick personal note at the bottom of the letter to remind the recipient of what is important to you.


Download How to Write a Christmas Letter In Word Format

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