Charity Letter For Street Children

Ms. Ganika Dehiya

Volunteers Group

Grant Road, Saharanpur,
Uttar Pradesh 247001

April 16, 2010

Mr. Nabhij Bhoola

Delhi Road, Saharanpur,
Uttar Pradesh 247001

Dear Mr. Bhoola,

Our organization is a group of volunteers with the common objective of seeking to save poor street children and give them a better future.  It was established five years ago by young professionals who used to be street children themselves but were helped by generous private individuals.  Through the generosity of individual persons, they were able to study and pursue successful careers.

One of our major programs is sending school children who are very interested studying to school.  We finance their education as well as provide them shelter, food, and allowance until they graduate from college.

In this regard, we would like to request financial donations from your company for the said program.  We are currently supporting 100 scholars and wish to add more through your help.

Thank you and we hope for your support.


Ms. Ganika Dehiya


Downloand Charity Letter For Street Children In Word Format

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