Charity Letter for Mentally ill Patients

Mr. Wilson Gayle,


Elizabeth rehabilitation centre,

32-Veronicca Street,

New York.

Respected Sir,

I have been observing keenly, the workmanship of your rehabilitation centre for past 2 years and I am very much satisfied and glad with the results you are showing, which in turn shows your love and affection towards your duty. This implies every penny donated to you is being used in the best way and every one of your staff is sincere towards performing their duties.

Hence I have decided to donate quarter of my wages to you rehabilitation centre annually, so that you will be able to shelter many more mentally ill patients and provide them with a better treatment. I also assure you that I will put a word to my colleagues, relatives, and friends also, to donate at least some amount to your rehabilitation centre and help you in your task.

May god bless you with all prosperities.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Mr. Thomson Dale.


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