Charity Funds Request Letter


Mr. Arnold Shaw,

General Manager,

Global Technology Ltd,

146 Princeton Street,


28th November, ’06.

Dear Mr. Shaw,

As you know the recent (Hurricane Ike) has caused extensive damage to lives and property of the people belonging to (Hermanville, Houston). We request you to kindly make a generous donation to enable us in the relief work we have undertaken there.

We look forward to your continued co-operation in all our endeavors.

Thanking You,


(Jennifer Linton)



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  1. Emergency Relief Please…. ….
    Dear and respected Sir/Medam,
    Greetings in the loving and living name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
    It is joy to come to you this way and share urgent relief prayer needs. I found your information in internet and led by God to share these things. I do appreciate your nobles efforts for blessing of many.
    We are a small non-profit making Christian organization(fellowship) for gospel and charity serving humbly for unreached and uncared people in our state of Andhra Pradesh.
    Cyclone Nilam, which hit India’s southeastern coast late Wednesday, forced thousands to flee their homes in the state of A.P, and claimed at least 12 lives across southern India, it caused “significant damage” to infrastructure, plantations and livestock in A.P.Several trees in the city were uprooted, and some areas plunged into darkness after electric wires were damaged by the storm.In this state, which witnessed heavy rainfall over the last 24 hours, recorded 8 deaths, including of a 25-year-old, who was electrocuted after cables collapsed in our district.
    Nilam is the third cyclone to hit India’s southern coast in recent years. In 2011, Cyclone Thane killed an estimated 35 people in Tamil Nadu, while in 2010, Cyclone Laila reportedly claimed nine lives in the state and at least 30 more in Andhra Pradesh.In November 1977 Andhra Pradesh cyclone, which killed at least 10,000 people and displaced millions, is estimated to be the worst cyclone to have hit Indian shores.
    RCGM found many families are suffering and decided to take care of 100 families who lack of shelter,food,clothes and water at this moment of Nilam cyclone. Therefore It is human responsibility to help the neighbours. We the people and volunteers doing our level best to help the suffering people who are at great risk. Please join us to do something in this critical time of need. You may please send any donation by western union money transfer or any goods to the following address. Thank you and God bless your timely help. Please pray for us and ministry.
    Yours in His mission,
    R.Daniel ,Co-Ordinator
    RCGMinistries, #Eliyagaru,Colony,
    Chillakallu P.O,
    Krishna Dist.,
    [email protected]


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