Car Insurance Cancellation Letter

Ms. Godavari Gahlot

Bhog, Jalandhar- 144201

June 16, 2010

Mr. Lomash Indrani

Good Car Insurance Co.

Jalandhar Cantt H.O.

Dear Mr. Indrani,

Your company has been providing car insurance for my 2001 Toyota Corolla for ten years now.  My insurance policy is set to expire next year on January 2011.  However, I want to cancel my car insurance policy agreement with your company effective thirty days after receipt of this letter.  Your services have been satisfactory but I recently lost my job and I am no longer in a position to continue paying my yearly premiums.  As per the agreement, I will be receiving a certain sum as a returns of my insurance policy.  I will be making my last closing payment this month.

Please send me a written letter to confirm cancellation of my insurance policy.  Upon the date of effectivity, please stop charging my bank account for the payments.

Thank you.


Ms. Godavari Gahlot


Downloand Car Insurance Cancellation Letter In Word Format

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