Third Party Authorization Letter

Ms. Amanda Smith

Manager- Accounts

New Life Fundraising Society

Dear Ms. Smith,

This letter is a third party authorization in which New Life Fundraising Society is declaring Mr. Joan Berkeley as Manager- Finance, New Life Fundraising Society with immediate effects from August 1st, 2010. Under legal norms, for a week, the company is granting the third party authorization to Mr. Berkeley along with the responsibility of looking after whole arrangements of next week fundraising campaign in absence of Mr. William, Chief executive officer- Finance & Ms. Maria Thomson, General Manager- Finance.

Mr. Berkeley will have control over crediting and debiting the required amount of fundraising program. Kindly fulfill his financial requirements with full support after receiving important legal documentation. After a week the company finance department will follow the same hierarchy system for transactions.

If you have any questions regarding this, kindly contact your Head of Department via mailer.

Yours sincerely,

Tina Edward


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