Sponsor Appreciation Letter

Ms. Aishi Dalmiya


Help Foundation

Sophia Market, Saharanpur,
Uttar Pradesh 247001

December 16, 2011

Mr. Rishabh Barendran

Chikana Road, Saharanpur,
Uttar Pradesh, 247001

Dear Mr. Barendran,

Our activity last week, Medical Mission for the Poor, was a success and we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to you for contributing to its success.  As one of our sponsors, the financial help and resources you extended to us were crucial for the activity to push through.

Because of your sponsorship, we were able to extend medical help to 1,000 poor children.  These children would have otherwise continued suffering from their illnesses without getting medical treatment and medicine if not for the medical mission.  We were also able to discuss basic health care to parents of the children and give them important pointers on hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases.

We hope you would continue supporting our activities in the future.  May you reap more success in your endeavors.


Ms. Aishi Dalmiya


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