Letter of Appreciation to Employer

Mr. Chandar Prakash Mahanta

Proprietor M/S Jahveri Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

2, New Sagar Road



17th May, 2010

This letter is meant to convey you my gratitude towards the help you did in my daily commuting. Your noble idea to provide a bus service exclusively to the employees of the establishment deserves kudos. To make our happiness double, you also invoked the idea to give the service at subsidised rates.

Before the introduction of the bus service, I had to leave home early and had to go through the drill of changing 3 busses to reach the office. While returning back to home I would find everyone almost going through their last leg of the sleep.

But ever since the service came into effect, these days I am also able to give quality time to my small kids. I am sure this will benefit both the company as well as myself.




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