Job Appreciation Letter

May 21, 2011

Mr. Ravi Sehgal

Accounts Executive

Ezee Furnishings Corp.


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17th May, 2010.

Dear Mr. Ravi Sehgal,

I take this opportunity to congratulate you for accomplishing the job assigned to you.

I still remember when you had joined our team a couple of months ago, our stock records and bank reconciliation status was in a total mess. When almost every one of us had almost given up, you took the challenge to resolve the documentation mess.

You had taken painstaking efforts which also included cancelling your vacations due to be spent with your parents. Also praiseworthy is the drill you had to undergo spending endless hours scrutinizing the bank statements and making phone calls to the debtors and creditors to furnish the latest stock statement.

It was because of your efforts we were able to file our tax returns on time. This also helped the company from unwarranted tax issues.

Thanks once again.

Yours Faithfully

K. Tendulkar

Senior Vice President


Ezee Furnishings Corp.


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