Professional Appeal Letter

Ms. Adi Amra


Kolkata School

Joka, Kolkata – 700 104

December 16, 2011

Mr. Trigun Chittoor

Human Resources Officer

Kolkata School

Dear Mr. Chittoor,

This is to appeal for your reconsideration regarding my promotion as Assistant Professor.  I believe that I have the necessary requirements and credentials to merit me the promotion.

I have been working as a teacher in this institution for ten years now and I have had an excellent performance record.  I have had only minimal absences from work, all of which are justified, and I have never been tardy in reporting to work.  In fact, I have also been recognized as an outstanding employee for one year.  I am already finishing my Masteral degree this year and I only have to submit my thesis to finally graduate.  I have also published the necessary journal publications that would qualify me for promotion.

Thank you.  I hope these reasons would warrant your reconsideration on the matter.


Ms. Adi Amra


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