Wedding Announcement Letter


August 2 2010


Sister Gracy,

St. Anns. Home for orphans,



Respected Madam,

I am delighted to inform you that my proposal to George Mathews, the senior analyst in Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory has been accepted by his parents with love.  You know I have been in touch with him ever since I joined service and he has not only been compassionate to explain the things in the office, but also very dignified and never tried to cross his limits even when we are alone in the section.  His respect to the women attracted me and made to admire his noble qualities.

Sister, I feel you more than a mother since my childhood and confess before you that his manner of giving due regard to women has attracted me and slowly this friendship flourished into intimacy and ultimately lead to our life sharing.  I am confident that you will approve my decision and will bless us on this auspicious occasion.  Please keep yourself available and I will intimate you the exact date of marriage soon.  Kindly convey this good news to all my batch mates also.

With regards

Yours Sincerely,

Mary Kuriokom,



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