Rent Agreement Letter

July 28, 2010

Mr. P. K. Shetty,

921 East Bunder Street,

Bandra, Mumbai

Dear Mr. Shetty,

It was very kind of you to rent out a portion of your house to us.  We have received the contract documents and agree with the contents.

I am working in M/s. Diorr Chemicals, which is close to the house you have rented to us and so it will be very convenient for us.  We promise to pay the rent without fail before the 15th of each month.  We undertake not to cause any damage to your property in any manner.  We will make it a point not to cause any inconvenience to you.  The rent amount that you have mentioned is quite reasonable.  We will renew the contract each year as desired by you.

I have enclosed the signed contract papers.  We are waiting to shift as soon as you approve.

Determined to be a good tenant.

Yours Sincerely,

Jonathan David


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