Singing Competition Acceptance Letter

August 2 2010

Miss. Sumitra K.,

B.Com III year,

St. Anns. College for Women,



Sub: – Selection for songs competition – Reg.

We are happy to inform you that you have been selected to be a singer in our Andhra-Fame Singer Competition to be telecast from ETV in the Prime Time from Aug 15th 2010.   Your rank in the audition in the classical has been 4th and in folklore, it is second.  You will be in the third team out of total five teams comprising both boys and girls three each.  Past winners and runners-up of the Competition have been offered contracts to compile private music albums by various national and international recording companies such as Vauhini, TIPS and Sony BMG etc.

You have to attend for the rehearsals at Saradhi Sound Studio w.e.f., Aug 10th sharply at 10 am without fail. Take necessary precautions to attend the ten sittings of rehearsals without fail and you will be allowed with one accomplice.  Please bring to the rehearsal studio the enclosed identity card with your photo duly affixed on the same without which nobody will be permitted inside.

With warm wishes,

Rajan Muthaiah,

Music Director,

Vauhini Music Company.


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