Acceptance Letter Template


(Name of the client to whom you are writing a letter)

(Client’s designation)

(Company Name of the company)

(Address for the Company)

Dear (Title of the of the concerned person),

I am writing you this letter with reference of (give suitable reference for writing the letter. Confirm your acceptance clearly in the letter. Do not brag undesirably and try to avoid confusion. Be specific so that the reader can easily understand purpose of letter without any pressure. Express your feelings by accepting the opportunity. Mention your thanks for providing the prospect to the letter receiver.)

As we have discussed (mention the decision and commitments which the reader and you have taken. Talk the corrective measures and efforts from your side. Mention a little about your eagerness and excitement towards work.  Ask for the requirements ahead to start the work)

You can contact (provide you working telephone number and e- mail id in case of contact. Once again pay thanks for offer.)

Yours Sincerely,



Download Acceptance Letter Template In Word Format

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