I long to express the joy I feel whenever I spend time with you


2365 S Mayfield Ave

Chicago, IL 60652

Cell: (123)-555-1234

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I long to express the joy I feel whenever I spend time with you these past few weeks. Knowing you brought a new meaning to my life. Whenever we’re together, the world seems better and the day seems a little brighter.

I hope you won’t see it as an exaggeration when I tell you that you are the kindest, liveliest, and most awe-inspiring person I’ve ever met. I wish to know everything about you because you are incredible! You have altered the way I perceive the world. I want to make myself into a better person because I’ve known you. I’m pleased that both of us share the same love for humanity. I was sincere about being part of the Red Cross if you’re serious about it.

It is not just our passion to serve others that brings us closer. We also love playing the same sports and being outdoors. I wish we can have some time to go hiking and camping together this summer. Shouldn’t we consider going to the Appalachian Trail? I can’t believe that you’ve been there three times already, but you said that each time is a new adventure for you. Actually, that’s what I also experience whenever we’re together. When I am with you, I am full of hope and I feel that life is offering me a new adventure.

I’m longing to see you. You mean so much to me. The girls I’ve dated before pales in comparison to you. I believe that you’re the one for me. I’ll wait for the time that you’ll consider me as the one for you, too.



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