I know we’ve been apart for almost a year now.

John Harrison

1234 Main Court

Santa Cruz • CA, 95060

Cell: 257-777-8989

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Dear John Harrison,

I know we’ve been apart for almost a year now. In spite of that, there are still so many things that are left unsaid and so many things I want to tell you. Maybe this letter will be my only chance.

I don’t think you really knew how much I loved you. I don’t think you realized how committed I was to making our relationship work and how I was hoping to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t think I have ever loved someone the way I loved you when we were together. You were my night and day, my dreams and aspirations. Unfortunately, you turned out to be my greatest downfall as well. When you walked out on me and our unborn child, I was completely devastated. You gave me no explanations, no reasons for leaving. You just packed up and left. I couldn’t understand and until now I still can’t find any justification for what you did.

And because of that I was left wondering if the circumstances would have changed had you known what I truly felt for you. I kept thinking if I should have expressed my love for you more. Maybe if I had just been more open or more verbal about how much I wanted to be with you, there would have been a chance you wouldn’t have left.

But I don’t think I’ll ever have the answers to those questions.

My friends and family say it’s wrong but I can’t help but love you still. We shared such a big portion of our lives together that I think it’s impossible to just forget all the emotions attached to all the memories we made. I still wonder where you are and what you’re doing. I wonder if you’re happy and if you ever think about me and your daughter. I also wonder how it would turn out if you knew all this.

Hopefully in time I’ll find the closure I’ve long been looking for. But for now I guess I’ll just have to be content with wishing you the best and hoping for the best for me as well.



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