The company as promised to promote me, but months


2365, S Mayfield Ave

Chicago, IL 60652

Cell: (123)-555-1234

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I am submitting this letter as a resignation from my current post as the assistant area sales director. I have recently been feeling that I am being undervalued by the company and that I am not being recognized for my abilities. I would just like to remind the company that you hired me to be able to do my job – which is being the best in sales in the whole area. I believe I have done this and I have even surpassed many expectations.

The company as promised to promote me, but months have gone by without this event happening. I feel very much distressed and I wish to be able to find another company who shall see my worth and value as an employee.

Although I have very negative feelings towards this, I extend my best wishes to all my colleagues which I have treated as a second family.

I trust that the company will be able to find a suitable replacement for me. If you have any further questions, please just contact me at: (telephone number)




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