I have greatly enjoyed my job here at Redford Industries.

Rony Conrad

1902, X Street, Madison Avenue

Los Angeles, CA-90001

Los Angeles, CA-90001

(123) 456-7890
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Dear Rony Conrad,

I am submitting my resignation from being a sales representative of Redford. Industries effective immediately, not later than within this week. The reason I am doing so is because I have recently had an appointment with my ob-gyne and she has advised me that if I want to ensure that I will be able to carry my baby to term, I have to have a lot of bed rest. Certain complications in my pregnancy have thus rendered me unable to fulfill my obligations to the company.

I have greatly enjoyed my job here at Redford Industries. I have loved being able to get the opportunity to travel to a lot of different places because of my job, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with a lot of different people. Although I will be leaving the company soon, I do wish my colleagues the best of luck in all of their endeavors. I also thank the company and the management for giving me the opportunity to use and further enhance my skills in marketing, which is a career I still would very much like to pursue in the future.

Because I have already completed all my pending tasks and projects, I would be staying at my own home in the duration of this week. Please do not hesitate to contact me if any issues arise. Thank you.


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