I am very much thankful for all the years that the company


69 N. Grant Street, Mid Lake City

California 84301

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I am submitting this letter as a notice of my early retirement from the company as its Senior Public Relations Officer effective immediately. I have been mulling over this idea for some time, and I also have discussed this with my wife. Now that our children have started living their own lives, we both think that we would very much like to start enjoying and spending time for ourselves after all those years of hard work we have been doing. We would also like to be able to fulfill some of our dream vacations and activities as well.

I am very much thankful for all the years that the company has taken me under its wing, supporting me in my development and the development of my career as well. Because of this, I wish to help out any way I can in making the transition of my replacement much easier. However, I really do strongly recommend Mr. Dalton Jones who has been my assistant for the past years. I believe he would do an excellent job, and he is already familiar with the specifications of my job.

I would also like to offer my services as a part time consultant to your company if you see the need for me to do so. Call me up to let me know what your decision is regarding this matter. If you feel the need to contact me about anything at all, please feel no hesitation in doing so. Again, thank you for everything.


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