We hope that you can donate enough for a paving stone


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California 84301

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Imagine yourself walking or riding a bicycle from Royale Lake to Greenbay Park everyday if you want. Our Blue Royale riverside trail is just about to become a reality. Negotiations on the right of way are done and construction can start as soon as the amount of $1,800,000.00 is raised. As agreed by the city council, an appropriate amount of money has been set aside for the trail’s maintenance in the condition that tax dollars will not be used for its construction.

Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will see this as a wonderful legacy. Children and adult alike will enjoy this scenic, and peaceful piece of nature running through our city.

We hope that you can donate enough for a paving stone. Asphalt will be used on most parts of the trail, however, engraved paving stones will be used for the portion near Greenbay Park. With just a mere $150, we will engrave your name on a paving stone as an appreciation of your generosity. Some families even decided to give enough to have a paving stone for each of their family member.

We understand if you cannot donate enough for a paving stone right now. But every contribution, regardless of the amount, will be highly appreciated. This is our great chance to help start the construction of the Blue Royale riverside trail.


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