As a teacher, it is your responsibility to come

John Harrison

1234 Main Court

Santa Cruz • CA, 95060

Cell: 257-777-8989

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Dear John Harrison,

I have just finished reviewing the evaluation forms that the students submitted last month and am deeply concerned with the feedback I have read about you. A number of students have complained that you seem lethargic during classes and at times are not prepared with lessons. One student even mentioned a specific date wherein you didn’t teach at all during the class period and instead engaged in “meaningless small talk” – if I may quote what was written on the evaluation form.

As a teacher, it is your responsibility to come to class prepared – this is something that shouldn’t need any reminder. The students who enroll in our academy want to be taught, they paid good money to learn and it is up to us to deliver.

I would like to talk to you further about this issue. Please see me in my office before the week is through.


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