Apart of me

June 24, 2011

Papa Bear, my darling husband. How I long for you, your touch. Your love is like an addiction. I need it, I desie it. You are apart of me, now and forever. Time stood still the moment our eyes met and my life has not been the same since. Our love is endless and our journeys together have just began.As long as your by my side we can conquer any obstacle thrown our way.No one can explain nor understand but us the love we share.There is no distance I would not go to get to you.I would climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest ocean, and walk straight through fire to get to you. You and I are one.We are building our foundation on our love.Strong, pure, steady, and confident.This passion for you runs deeper than anything I’ve ever felt or desired.You are apart of me, I carry you with me in heart, soul and spirit.Thank you for loving me the way you do.I love you more than yesterday and I will love you even more tomorrow.Tonight I will fall fast asleep in your arms, and meet you in my dreams, my darling husband. With endless Love, Your wife, Your Mama Bear


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