We started each other by chatting, knowing others by texts.Though you know this love will be impossible to succeed.

I conquer you, I’ll fight for you I’ll wait.but if this love fails, i will never regret for everything, for I love what I am doing.
I know I did this for i am conscious enough to gamble. I use to laugh make a joke, fix my self, smile though it hurts,and though you are far away.

I know lot’s of problems hinder in every love
it maybe a cause of, money, relatives, misunderstandings all of these are normal but if we can both cope for these I know distance will never be a problem I trust you,and this will be my sweetest sin I ever made in my life, That I will never forget.
I love you, though its impossible I’ll cry for a while and be happy for what God’s decision may…….
I love you and cost will never be a hindrance to our distance.



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