Therese Carell then reported that so far

October 24, 2011

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Dear Austin Parker,


04 May 2011

Atlas Homeowners’ Association

Sports Committee
br /> Sportsfest Meeting

Present: Therese Carell, Anne Jones, Mike Jameson, Nina Sykes

Nina Sykes called the meeting to order at 5:05 PM. She asked Therese Carell to read the minutes of the 30 April meeting. These were then approved with no revisions.

The meeting proper then began with Anne Jones’ report about the financial requirements of the upcoming sportsfest. She said that given the number of interested participants, they needed $2500.00 to pull off the event. After soliciting from members of the community as well as looking for sponsors, the committee was able to come up with $2460.00. Mike Jameson then offered to donate the missing $40.00.

Therese Carell then reported that so far, they had 300 participants in their sector.Nina Sykes suggested that they be divided further into ten teams. All attendees agreed to this. Mike Jameson then proposed to work on the logistical plans.

Another meeting was set for viewing the plans and further discussions. The group agreed to meet on 07 May at 4:30 PM.




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