Greetings from Mayford University! We are announcing

October 24, 2011

Joseph Hall
1902, X Street, Madison Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90001
(123) 456-7890

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Dear Joseph Hall,



September 20, 2009

For inquiries, call:

Shiela Chung

Mayford University



Greetings from Mayford University! We are announcing that our prestigious university shall be holding various summer workshops for bot adults and kids alike. Some of the summer courses are swimming, biking, baking, cooking, and many many more. There are even courses offered for the elderly such as knitting and crocheting.

To know more about these summer programs, simply see the attached pamphlet and examine the course choices carefully. You may just have one of the most fun summers you have ever had if you take advantages of these courses now!



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