In this very special time of the year

October 24, 2011

403, 6th avenue
Montgomery, AL – 35112.
(659) 846 – 9466

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In this very special time of the year, the holiday spirit is in the air and reminds us of all of you who have been a part of us and our joy. We have been reminiscing a lot about the past these days. Memories like Mary’s decoration and Adam’s practical jokes bring laughter to our faces. We also remember your support and concern during Alan’s illness. We have spent great moments together.

This year Alan has started walking. James has turned seven now and is now a student of first grade. Lilly has resigned from her job at the Joe corporation and has gone back to school. Adam is still teaching but takes out time to enjoy and relax. We hope that you are also doing good. Happy holidays!



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