I’m writing to you as a citizen and an environmentally

October 22, 2011


456, X Street, Y Avenue

Philadelphia, PA-19103

(123) 456-7890

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I’m writing to you as a citizen and an environmentally-conscious person to encourage you to vote in the Green Bill coming before Congress this season. The bill will help increase the currently-lacking enforcement of regulatory laws regarding timber sales on public land in the highland areas of the state. Additionally, it will cause the timber companies to become more accountable to the community for the non environmentally-friendly methods of harvest that they have been commonly employing in sensitive areas. I have personally witnessed the illegal clear felling, slash and burn methods destroying thousands of acres of previously-pristine wilderness, and no compensation made for the public who ultimately suffer. Big Timber has plenty of money at the moment to fight the legislation but if we support forward-thinking in the areas of power, together with people like you we can work together to gain a balanced and long-term answer to our state’s public land use.


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