I’m hereby writing in support of the new Uniform

October 22, 2011


1237 Main Court

Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Cell: 243-543-6767
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I’m hereby writing in support of the new Uniform Tax Bill. I’m a small business owner who has 5 full-time employees and a family of six. I’m a member of the middle class bearing the largest share of the country’s tax burden, and I’m not opposed to paying my share… I’ve studied the Uniform Tax Bill carefully and I think it would help equalize the burden. The common argument that those with higher incomes would not be paying a fair share just doesn’t hold up to the legislation. I make my request that you please use your strong influence in support of the Bill. Many of the community are attempting to generate support at the local government level. I wish you all the best for success – for everyone.



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