I am impressed with the professionalism of your receptionist

October 20, 2011

Jack Martinez
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Fillmore, UT-84631
(123) 456-7890

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Dear Jack Martinez,

I am impressed with the professionalism of your receptionist.

She is great at screening calls that she wouldn’t even mention your name. It is quite difficult to communicate whose name I do not even know, but I will do my best.

A colleague handed me a pen recently printed with your company name, and I deemed it as an opportunity to introduce our company and the products we carry. Our company specializes in promotional pens just like those you give to your customers.

I assure you that our prices are reasonable, and our quality unsurpassed.

Enclosed in this letter is a pen just like yours – a pen we have made to a loyal and satisfied customer. You cannot miss the great quality – a collector’s item indeed!

What will happen next is up to you. Just give me a call anytime you’re free.

I am looking forward to knowing your name.



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